22nd Aug, 2015

Jefferson County Westernaires & CO Equestrian Real Estate

Jefferson County Westernaires & CO Equestrian Real Estate

Wildly popular for folks from Jefferson County CO equestrian real estate, Horsecapades showcase America’s Finest Precision Mounted Use Drill Teams. Tickets to the “Horsecapades” anyone? It’s an exciting fund-raising performance and showy alumni homecoming for the Westernaires.  The Westernaire’s Annual Horsecapades Show will be held October 24-25, 2015 in Denver.

CO Equestrian Real Estate Horsecapades annualshowThe Jefferson County Westernaires, a volunteer organization established in 1949, uses horsemanship to encourage young people to embody self-respect, responsibility, and leadership.  Other upcoming events include Westernaire’s at Trinidad, September 5-7, 2015 in Trinidad.

Fort Westernaire CO Equestrian Real Estate

Westernaires offers Members awesome facilities at a prorperty called Fort Westernaire.  The property, training arenas, programs, and rental horses are at 15200 W. 6th Ave., Golden, Colorado 80401. Located adjacent to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, the Central Colorado property is owned by the county.

Three outdoor arenas, four indoor arenas, lots of stables, classrooms, kitchen, a club store, museum, and caretakers’ quarters are all part of Fort Westernaire.  Indoor arenas include the Volunteer Arena was constructed by members and volunteers. It features 1000 seats and an indoor padlock area.  The other three are the Red Arena, White Arena, and Blue Arena. Outdoor arenas include Western, Hutchinson, and Moore.


The non-profit youth group is open to children ages 9-19. Members live in Jefferson County or own property in Jefferson County. After the traditional school year opens, new members are admitted every year. Students may apply anytime between April and August.

Members must abide by somewhat restrictive rules of conduct, discipline, and department. Guidelines are meant to engender qualities characteristic of responsible, productive citizens.

CO Equestrian Real EstateNew Westernaire’s begin as “Tenderfoot”. Through hard work and dedication they reach the top level, the Red Division. Along the way, the young writers may be part of White Liberty, the Glory Riders, the Red Steppes, Real Rangers and tens of other teams.

Rent a Horse from Westernaires

Members do not all own horses. Some own Jefferson County CO equestrian real estate and keep horses at home. But a substantial number of young people rent horses on a weekly basis. They can change horses over time, and even adopt horses whenever they acquire their fine Colorado horse property.  Westernaire’s Livery has dozens of horses, ponies, and some burros.

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