19th Dec, 2013

Raising Baby Horses on Denver CO Ranches Part 2

Continuing the discussion about raising baby horses on Denver CO ranches…. Just as with children, small horses require more attention than grown horses.  Those who are new to working with horses may be surprised to find out how much work they can be.  If young equestrians attentively teach and train their baby horses, they will avoid bad habits and later difficulties.

Grooming a baby horse.

If horses on Denver Colorado ranches are usually kept outside, then it is best to leave some natural oils on them for protection. They will not require daily grooming.  If horses are very dirty, then use a curry comb to loosen the dirt, brush the coat with a stiff brush, and sponge them down with water as necessary.  During hot summers, sponge down the little horse and scrape the sweat. Hang fly sheets to make the horse more comfortable.

A horse kept inside must be brushed daily.  Standing on the side of the horse and not behind to safely comb the mane and tail.   Hooves need to be picked.  Like little puppies, baby horses can be trained to pick up their hooves upon request.  Use a hoof pick – only after being shown this skill.  To clean the teeth, call a professional Ferrier.

Cleaning the stables and pasture

Old bedding and droppings must be mucked out of the stable so the little horse has a clean place to lay down.  This is also true when the horses are always in the same area outdoors.

How to wean the baby horse?

At about four to six months, it is time to wean the baby horse.  Place the mother and baby apart in pens where they can still see each other.  Start with a few hours apart each day and gradually increase the time and space.  Often times, having other horses or baby horses keep the little one company helps make the weaning process easier.

Teach the baby horse positive behaviors

Between the ages of six months and 24 months, the baby horse can learn many activities.  For example, the baby can learn to load into a trailer, go for walks in various settings and on tarps.  The horse needs to learn calmness while being bathed, strayed, shoed, trimmed, and when plastic bags blow in the wind.   The little horses can also learn to be nudged in every direction.  At about a year, the baby horse can be taught to wear a surcingle and to hold still when ropes are tossed around them.

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