12th Dec, 2013

Raising Baby Horses on Denver Colorado Ranches Part 1

Of course equestrians can raise any kind of horses on their Denver Colorado ranches.  Some families with growing children and 4-H members want to find smaller ranchettes and some of those children want baby horses.  So today let’s talk about how to raise a baby horse on a small Denver property zoned for horses.

What is needed to raise baby horses on Denver Colorado ranches?

Start with the little foal, foal halter, baby horse blanket, grooming supplies, feed, tack, and shelter, also plan financial resources for veterinary services, riding school, and horse training.  The facilities available on your Denver Colorado ranch can help make caring for baby horses much easier.  However, buyers may alternatively plan to add stables, fenced pastures, feeding areas, tack rooms, and/or arenas.

How much time does it take to raise a baby horse?

Plan for at least 3-6 weekly time slots.  Short frequent sessions are best.  Raising a baby horse is much easier if the mother and baby are kept together.

Getting close to the baby horse

The very young horse must first become accustomed to being brushed and touched.  Fit the baby horse with a halter.  To teach the baby to lead, follow another handler when they are leading the mother horse.  Walk with the baby horse at your side.

How to tie up the horse

The next step is to teach the baby horse to be tied up.  Start by tying the baby horse near the mother.  Using encouraging words and a little nudging, teach the baby not to pull on the line.

Feeding a baby horse

The baby horse must be fed every day.  Nutritional requirements can be met with foraging grass and hay as well as concentrates and succulents.  Purchase horse food, oats, and pony nuts.  Offer sweet vegetables and fruits such as carrots and apples on occasion.  The horse must also have clean water.

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