29th Apr, 2009

Horse Barn Maintenance in Denver Colorado

Denver horse barn real estate needs the same type of regular care as Denver CO homes.  Buyers moving from suburban homes in Denver or elsewhere to small Denver ranches  and recreational properties in Colorado may need a crash course in maintaining horse barns.  One reason for properly caring for the barn is that regular cleaning of equestrian facilities is important to the health and well-being of horses and owners.

So how do we maintain a horse barn on Denver CO horse property?  First, the horse and the barn need regular grooming.  Horse lovers who create good hygienic habits end up enjoying the equestrian experience thoroughly.  It is imperative for horse owners to remove dirt, manure, dust, stench, and chaff, especially during wet weather.   

To facilitate the ongoing elimination of dirt, start by checking the drainage system of the barn.  On a sunny day, open the barn to allow full natural sunlight to enter.  Clean the floor, hosing it out and observing any drainage problems that may show up as it dries out.  If any drainage problem persists, consult a professional.  Horse barns with dirt floors need to have the top layer removed and replaced.

Establish a routine pattern for cleaning.  Start in one place and move methodically to the next to maintain a uniform maintenance process.  Tweak the method to simplify the removal of waste.  Be sure not to forget the regular cleaning of the loft, horse stables, stalls, walls, windows, and tack room.

Having the right tools for the job is half the battle.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Handcart to carry out dirt, feedbags, and other materials
  • Power blower
  • Lightweight wheelbarrows
  • Detachable feed tubs for ease of cleaning
  • Rubber mats for the horses to stand on
  • Strategically placed wall panels to hang tools and materials

Colorado State University advertises a DVD that features many tips for new ranchers.  It includes information from pasture-management experts, equine clinicians, nutritionists, veterinarians, ranch managers, owners of small acreage, and horse owners.  Homebuyers who will be boarding their own horses may find it especially helpful.

In summation, it is easier to groom horses that live in a clean environment.  Horse barn owners who get the hang of these basics will have more time to enjoy the Rocky Mountain sunsets and extensive equestrian activities offered in the aura of the Mile High City.
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