2nd Dec, 2008

Prices for Denver CO Homes Down a Little

Although prices for Denver Colorado real estate are down almost three percent between August 2007 and August 2008, hold steady.  Prices for Denver CO real estate have increased tremendously over the past two decades and Denver continues to be an exciting community full of opportunity.  Overall, residents of Denver homes are doing relatively well with their Colorado real estate investments.

Although prices for Denver Colorado real estate are down almost three percent, residents of Denver homes are doing relatively well.  The values of Denver Colorado properties have increased tremendously over the past 20 years so the long-term equation remains stable.  Within Denver, zip codes 80204, 80216, 80239, and 80246 registered price decreases over 20 percent in the last year.  Other parts of Denver CO real estate have registered price increases including zip codes 80210, 80211, 80212, 80220, and 80238.

According to the Loan Performance Home Price Index published by the First American CoreLogic, home prices across the United States looked to have deeper issues.  Prices fell 11.3 percent in the nation.  California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida continue to see declines in home prices.  Metropolitan areas such as Las Vegas, Nevada at 25 percent, Miami, Florida at 27 percent, Oakland, California and Riverside, California at 28 percent and Los Angeles, California at 29 percent made up for the slight gains in other communities.

Texas, South Dakota, Vermont, and Mississippi actually experienced some price appreciation.  Prices were up in the Austin, Texas area 4 percent, Houston, Texas by 3.8 percent, San Antonio, Texas by 3 percent, and Dallas, Texas by 2 percent.  Texas is seeing a faster recovery than other portions of the country.

Something else is going right in Colorado.  The Mile High City has one of the fastest growing populations in North America.  Visitors return to experience the charm, character, and charisma as well as educational, cultural, sporting, and recreational activities.  Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, the City enjoys relatively mild summer and winter climates.  Homes are located in unique neighborhoods steeped with 150 years of interesting history and interwoven corresponding Historic Districts and people from all walks of life mingle at parks, open spaces, boutiques, and pedestrian malls.

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