4th Nov, 2008

Pulse of Denver Real Estate Market

With mortgage rates hovering around 6 percent, today is a great time to invest in Denver Colorado real estate, at least for those who can afford to invest and who can qualify.  The vital signs for investing in real estate around the Denver community remain strong in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder-Longmont, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties.  If you’d like to find out about great deals for your Denver real estate investments, especially for Colorado ranches and Denver horse properties, just call me at the number below.

The average sales price in August 2008 for single-family Denver CO real estate was tracked as follows:  Denver $245,753, Aurora $167,069, Englewood $293,399, Highlands Ranch $336,810, Littleton $295,640, Lone Tree $710,768, and Parker $322,258.  In most of these communities, Denver CO homes are selling to smart buyers at a slower pace than a year ago.  However, Aurora and Highlands Ranch real estate actually sold more units August 2008 than in 2007.

Below are the total numbers for existing home sales from January 1 through August 31, 2008:  Denver 8977, Aurora 4,923, Englewood 483, Highlands Ranch 1,211, Littleton 1,915, Lone Tree 123, and Parker 1,204.  Quite a few families are taking advantage of the positive aspects of today’s market.

Something must be going right in our communities.  Even though unemployment rates have been edging up in Colorado this year, Coloradoans have a history of morphing to meet the changing needs of the hour.  Some who came out for the gold rush decided to build farms and Colorado horse properties and Colorado ranches.  Traders settled down into mercantile stores and other businesses, one community applied to open a university, and many built places of interest to attract tourists.  We’ve landed several government offices and military training operations.  Our citizens creatively moved into the high-tech industries, into transportation and recreation.  Our creative communities can meet to solve problems and challenges.  After all, who hasn’t moved to this state to find excitement and a better quality of life?

So we see that in our state this year, the number of jobs has increased—in spite of everything going on.  Jobs have increased in Boulder-Longmont County and we are waiting to see just how the rest of the counties in our metropolitan area discover new ways to serve the sectors of need in today’s world during this challenging time.

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