Michael Paul

Michael Paul began his real estate career in the late 60's as a "land man" for Robo Wash of Colorado. His job was to select and acquire, through lease or purchase, sites suitable for car wash locations.

In the 70's and 80's, as an active partner in Writer Development Ltd., Michael was involved in the purchase and development of 27 acres in the Kelmore Professional Park. In addition to a jointventure office building with the Fredrick Ross Company, the partners built and managed the 100,000 square foot ITT-Hamilton Building at 7400 So. Alton Court in Englewood, which later was leased and finally sold to McGraw Hill in 1992.

Again as a partner in Writer Development Ltd., Michael played a significant role in the acquisition of land, construction, leasing and management of the Heritage Place Shopping Center, which is still owned by Writer Development today.

In the 90's Michael has turned his interests to Douglas County, and has carved a niche for himself in sales as a horse property and land specialist and continuing to work in subdivision and development. In that area, Michael sold both the Sterling Point subdivision in Larkspur to the current developer, and Plum Creek Valley Estates which was Michael's own project. Michael has also found buyers and engineered financing for the sale of several ongoing businesses.

Three primary factors account for Michael's extraordinary success. First, he uses a proven systematic approach on each project, a system he has adjusted and finetuned through the years. Secondly, Mike has an uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction and a "do whatever it takes top get the job done" attitude that has earned the respect of his many clients. Mike's third primary success ingredient is his marketing savvy. His innovative multi-faceted marketing methods successfully reach hundreds of buyers and sellers year-round.