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“War Horse” Plays at Buell Theater Denver Center
By mpaulrltor

Horses are great attractions around Denver real estate.  We have so many opportunities to mingle with horses-in LoDo, on Denver Colorado ranches and Douglas County horse properties, at rodeos, 4-H, on the equestrian trails and-at the theater!  The Tony Award-winning Broadway play, "War Horse" touched a heart-warming chord for residents of Denver homes during performances given January 8-20, 2013. 

The play is an adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's children's novel "War Horse" published in Great Britain in 1982.  It is written through the eyes of Joey, a half Thoroughbred horse purchased from a young boy for service in France during World War I.   The book "War Horse" was featured at the Imperial War Museum in London in 2011 and was made into a film the same year. 

Horses participated heavily in World War I and senior regiments rode on horseback.  Horses were used as a form of transportation and in battle.  Britain and Germany each boasted 100,000 men in their Calvary units and many used horses.  Calvary regiments reigned supreme in the minds of senior army officers. 

So in the storyline for "War Horse", the boy Albert sells his young horse to the British Calvary and later regretted it.  As a teenager, he embarked on a dangerous journey to find Joey and bring him back home to Devon.  Meanwhile, Joey was being steeped in all of the death and diseases of wartime.  The tale takes the audience through friendship, courage, and loyalty during the extraordinary war-torn European countryside.

The Denver Performing Arts Complex--also referred to as The Plex or Denver Center--is the second-largest of its kind in the world.  It spans four blocks and contains 10 performance spaces.  It is 10,000 seats are connected by a glass roof 80 feet tall.  Buell Theater, Boettcher Concert Hall, and Ellie Caulkins Opera House are the three largest facilities in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. 

The complex is home to the Denver and other touring production companies.  They include Broadway touring productions such as "War Horse," a major symphony orchestra, internationally acclaimed opera, chorales, contemporary dance and ballet, and a Tony Award-winning theater company.  Performing arts organizations regularly appearing in the performance spaces include Colorado Ballet, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Opera Colorado, Denver Center Attractions, Denver Center Theater Company, and the National Theater Conservatory.

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