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Grand Prix at Colorado Horse Park

The AGA Grand Prix of Denver is a show-jumping competition that is the final leg of the Colorado Horse Park Triple Crown.  Hosted by the Colorado Horse Park and with capacity spectators on three sides of the arena, the enthusiasm and excitement create an awesome atmosphere for the competition.  Horses and riders come from around the Rocky Mountain region as well as from Mexico, Canada and across the world, vieing for the $225,000 in prize money and awards.  And there's a $25,000 bonus for winning two Gran Prix during the Colorado Horse Park Triple Crown!

Need some time to get ready?  Have you written your favorite horse off?  One of the recent competitors had no idea her horse could jump a Grand Prix course.  Whether you'd like to use a double clean, an inside turn, or rollback turns, the Colorado Horse Park facilities in Parker, Colorado south of Denver horse property offers more than 30 events for warm ups and state-of-the-art amenities.

There are eleven arenas with high-quality footing, three barns with 300 permanent stalls, space for tents and portable stalls, vendor areas, bleachers and RV parking.  There's a western complex with additional parking, cattle pens and facilities for western competitions.  Concession areas, grand stands and more will be added. 

Several businesses operate training and coaching operations at the Colorado Horse Park.  Boarders and trainers have the use of two indoor arenas, pastures, paddocks, tack rooms with lockers, office space and more.  And in the future, there will be a Western Horse Museum, a Living History Museum, a National Archive of Western Materials, a Gun Museum, an Equidome, and a wildlife refuge.

So, getting your horse up to snuff and ready to compete can be accomplished right here in the shadow of the Rockies.

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