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Owning horse property in Denver or anywhere in Colorado puts you and your family in the midst of great opportunities to participate in Reining competitions and disciplines.  The world-class horse competition like that sponsored by the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) added to the Denver love of Colorado horse property and the dream comes into focus!  

Check out a Denver house for sale with horse amenities.  Learn about the Denver equestrian community.  Visit the plenty of arenas and trails just waiting for you.  

The international community is also taking notice.  U.S. and international riders from 18 different countries including Israel, Dominican Republic, Germany, Belgium and France, participated in the 2006 Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) World Reining Masters Finals in Denver.  Honored to be in the Colorado competitions, these riders went home to tell their stories.  With more than $250,000 in prize money, the home crowd went wild as Americans dominated, winning the number one and two spots.  Gold Medallist Shawn Flarida of Springfield, Ohio scored 223.5 in the Masters Open Division, gaining him an elite distinction within the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA).  He is now one of only two members of the Two Million Dollar Rider Club!

The 2006 FEI World Reining Masters Finals more than fulfilled Western International’s mission of bringing the sport of Reining closer to Olympic inclusion.  The ancient Olympics (Sprinting, Boxing, Wrestling, etc.) took place from approximately 776 B.C. until 393 A.D when they were finally banned because of corruption.  In 1892, Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France conceived of the modern Olympic games, which began in Athens in 1896.  Then in 1912, Swedish officers proposed adding the sport of Riding to the Games of 1912 in Stockholm.  The Riding competitions were instantly popular. 

It soon became clear that internationally recognized rules for the three Olympic disciplines (Eventing, Jumping, Dressage) were becoming essential.  The FEI, or in English as the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (IFES), is the international governing body of equestrian sports.  Born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1921, the headquarters remain there now.

The FEI creates a basic structure for developing National Federations and a universal structure for coaching.  It offers technical courses for riders in all disciplines, basic courses for judges, course designers, veterinarians and stewards, as well as technical assistance.  Along with Eventing, Jumping and Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Reining, Vaulting and Para Equestrian take place in international circles.  There's Horse-Ball in Stockholm and Tent-Pegging on the Asian continent also.  Actually, thousands of equine programs rely on FEI standards and expertise. 

However, in 2000, Reining became the first western discipline to be approved by the FEI and became a full medal discipline at the World Equestrian Games in 2002 in Jerez, Spain.  In 2004, the World Reining Masters Series made its debut with finals held during the NRHA Futurity and North American Affiliate Championships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

With the new sport of Reining, the NRHA is reaching out.  It has established an affiliate championship program to assist the development of reining at the grassroots level.  The North American Affiliate Regions Programs are worth checking out; many offer year-end awards to high money or point earning horse/rider pairs.  

And be sure to stay tuned to the Summer Slide events at the National Western Stock Show right downtown July 17-22, 2007 as well as other events in this and neighboring states, such as the Invitational Freestyle Reining with $15,000 prize money.  Please visit and more information.

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