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Buying Used Trailers for Denver Equine Real Estate

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Nine important mechanisms need to be checked when equipping Denver equine real estate with used trailers instead of buying new.  Horses are large animals and need to be accommodated for safe travel. Primarily, any old trailer is usually not equipped to haul animals.

Buying used horse trailers comes with a certain amount of risk that must be avoided or minimized. Simply put, trailers must be scrutinized by buyers in several ways. The following important inspections have to do with safety and functionality.  Better to wait then skimp on this crucial trailer for your Denver equine real estate.


All trailers hauling live animals are legally required
Denver equine real estate - horse trailers
to have brakes of their own.  The vast majority of horse trailers are equipped with electric brakes. To determine if the brakes are working properly, perform this exercise. Look up to a trailer with functioning brakes and adjust the controller on the telling vehicle. Then look up to the trailer in question.  Now apply the brakes and note if the horse trailer also brakes.


In addition, all of the light systems must be checked. These include running lights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals as well as interior lights.  As necessary, change the balls or fuses. However, it may be more costly if the entire electrical system is in need of repair.


Trailers that carry animals require enough airflow to protect the animalís well-being. Adequate airflow may be achieved using with open slats, windows, vents, or air-conditioning.


Carefully inspect the hitching mechanisms for parts as well as wear and tear. Look for the hitch, the emergency breakaway break, and safety chains. The locking mechanisms must be in good condition and able to latch.

Interior Necessities

The primary considerations inside the trailer are the flooring, the partitions, and the padding.

  1. The floor must be very strong to withstand the weight of the animal. Inspect carefully.  Lift floor mats. Check wood floors in several areas for rotting and metal floors for rust.  The floor also must provide traction for the animal and half-inch, heavy duty mats accomplish this goal.
  2. Interior partitions must be examined in a similar manner. An additional gate or butt bar serves to keep the animal from thrusting backwards against the rear trailer door. Examine its condition also.
  3. Although horse trailers are padded, livestock trailers are usually not padded. When horses will be riding in individual stalls, padding is installed along the front, sides, and back of the horse. What is the condition of the padding?

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