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Step out to classy Denver equestrian property in Polo Club or Belcaro.  South of the Cherry Creek shopping center, Polo Club carries on a long tradition as one of the premier Denver neighborhoods.  The historic club was completed in 1926 and hosted polo matches.  Find your estate on the former Polo Grounds, now referred to as the Belcaro neighborhood.  Board the horses nearby for outings along Cherry Creek. 

Polo Club is bounded by Exposition Avenue on the north, S. Colorado Boulevard on the east, E. Mississippi Avenue on the south, and University Boulevard on the west.  Cherry Creek trail passes along the northeastern corner.  See the brown wooden fence protecting the seclusion of Belcaro/Polo Club along the west side.  The prestigious Belcaro neighborhood is about 15 minutes from Downtown Denver.

Polo Club Horses and History

In 1909, Denver Country Club formed a polo team, the “Freebooters.”  However, golfers did not respond favorably to the presence of ponies on the fairways.  So, in 1920 a handful of the equestrian enthusiasts pooled their resources to purchase 160 acres next to the club.  Ora and Albert Humphreys, Lafayette Hughes, and Laurence Phipps incorporated the Polo Club, dedicating the land to ponies and polo matches. 

Many other affluent residents at Denver Country Club caught the horse spirit and moved to the larger home sites in the Polo Club.  Boasting half-acre to over 2-acre lots, the collection of stately homes built then nestle into the mature landscapes seen today. 

The Polo Club included stables near the polo field and a clubhouse, which were repurposed after the decline of the sport at the end of the 1930s.  During the 1950s and 1960s, the Polo Club prevented plans to use 46 acres of the Old Polo Grounds for temple grounds, a school, and apartment buildings.  Even so, lands were eventually sold off, creating the Belcaro and Bonnie Brae neighborhoods. 

Modern Polo

If you love the idea of family fun on the polo field, check out the few modern-day polo clubs in the Denver area.  Denver Polo Club is one of them.  The club chooses and trains talented ponies to participate in the kingly sport.  As described by the Museum of Polo, “The game has been and always will be played by men and women who possess a zest for adventure and challenge.  More important, polo has been and always will be characterized by the athleticism and beauty of the horse.”

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