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Breeding Horses on Denver Colorado Ranches

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Some buyers searching Denver Colorado ranches for sale talk about breeding horses.  According to equine experts, the market for common horses is saturated.  It is possible, however, to make a bundle when breeding champions.  Otherwise, breeders invest plenty of time and money in preparing mares, veterinarian fees, nutrition, stallion fees, and so forth.

Breeding mares is an expensive proposition, much more costly than breeding dogs.  Dogs are in greater demand as pets.  Horses take more space, live longer, and appeal to a limited group of buyers.  Those toying with the idea of carving out an income by using their newfound Denver Colorado ranches for horse breeding can ask themselves a series of questions to help determine whether the investment will achieve their goals.

  1. Do I have a mare with valuable genetic qualities?
  2. Is the horse registered?
  3. Is the breeding horse in good health and fertile,
  4. Do I have the skills necessary to care for the mare through gestation and parturition?
  5. Do I have the skills necessary to manage and train a young foal?
  6. How will the foal be used?
  7. Is there a demand for the type and caliber of horse?
  8. Do I expect an economic benefit from the foal?
  9. Do I know the stud fee?

Carefully consider the amount of time and energy it takes to care for the mother and baby.  If this is a one-time 4-H project and your smaller Colorado horse property can accommodate a second horse, then be sure the equestrian budget is at least doubled for each new colt and filly.

If breeding is intended to make a profit, then investigate the various breeds popular in the Colorado area.  Purebred horses are usually more profitable and mixed breeds.  Race horses are usually purebred.  Depending on the purpose of the foal, characteristics of the sire and mare can be specifically selected to achieve the purposes.  Hence, horse breeders look at confirmation, size, and temperament of both parents

The mother horse has a deep influence on her young and teaches them habits from an early age.  To give them a financial advantage, horse breeders look for mares with valuable traits and preferably competition records.  Value varies between breeds and over time.

How much money can a breeder expect?  At birth, the foal is worth about triple the stud fee.  As the horse matures and care and training add value, the sale price increases.  Prices may also grow if the young horse wins awards.

Buying Colorado Equestrian Land

For more information about possibilities for horse properties and Denver Colorado ranches along the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, call Michael Paul at 303-814-9546.

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